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Rural Consumers’ Adoption of CRM in a Developing Country Context- Authors: 1,Md. Rajibul HASAN, 2,Mizan RAHMAN , 3,Mehedi Munsur KHAN

My Second research publication.

ABSTRACT: This paper illustrates how understanding consumer preferences through market research may
enhance CRM adoption among the rural customers of a developing country like Bangladesh. It presents the
case of Community Information Centre (CIC) established by Grameenphone, a company owned by Telenor, the
Norwegian telecommunications company and Grameen Bank, the Nobel prize winning microcredit
organisation in the rural settings of Bangladesh. The paper shows that CIC is an innovative way of building and
maintaining customer relationships and technological interface with the financially constrained consumers in a
poor developing economy like Bangladesh.

Hasan, M. R., Rahman, M., And Khan, M. M. (2013). Rural Consumers’ Adoption of CRM in a Developing Country Context. International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI), 2(9), 121-131.

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