Dr Rajibul Hasan, AI & Marketing Researcher

About Dr. Rajibul Hasan

Dr Rajibul Hasan is an assistant professor of marketing at Rennes School of Business. He is also a Principal Investigator of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consumer Behaviour Area. He completed his PhD from the University of Kent and the recipient of a Kent Business School PhD Scholarship. He has taught at Cardiff University, Rennes School of Business, the University of Roehampton Online, and the University of Kent. He published in Journals like Tourism Management, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Computer in Human Behaviour, Journal of Marketing Management and Strategic Change. Before his academic career, he worked in finance, and banking sectors of Multi-National Companies like Lloyds Banking Group, Sanofi-Aventis. His other research interests include Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Behaviour, Branding, Brand Love, Diffusion of innovation, Technology acceptance models, and Ethics in marketing, Finance, and Poverty Alleviation.

Achievements & Honours:

  • Two refereedjournal article has been accepted in Tourism Management (rated as 4 on the ABS) and Journal of Business Research (rated as 3* on the ABS).
  • Two article has been published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (rated as 3* on the ABS) and Computers in Human Behavior (rated as 3*on the ABS).
  • Others are published in Strategic Change (rated as 2*on the ABS), Journal of Marketing Management (rated as 2* on the ABS) and Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (rated as 2*on the ABS).
  • Recipient of Three years Scholarship from University of Kent, UK in acknowledgement of exceptional academic performance and potential.
  • Received  funding for my current research projects from AI Business Area of Excellence and Agri Business Area of Excellence of Rennes School of Business.
  • Won funding for my research from the Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust , the Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust  and the Leche Trust.

Publication and Conference Presentations:

Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  • de Karvenoael, Ronan, Rajibul Hasan, and Alexandre SCHWOB. (2019). ‘Leveraging Human-Robot Interaction in Hospitality Services: Incorporating the Role of Perceived Value, Empathy, and Information Sharing into Visitors’ Intentions to Use Social Robots’, Tourism Management(ABS 4) (CNRS 3) (ABDC A*) (Accepted)
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Ben Lowe, and Dan Petrovici (2019), “Consumer Adoption of Pro-poor Service Innovations in Subsistence Marketplaces.” Journal of Business Research (ABS 3) (CNRS 2) (Accepted)
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Yinggang Liu, Kitchen, Phillip, and Rahman, M. (2019). ‘Exploring Consumer Mobile Payment Adoption in the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid Context: A Qualitative Study’, Strategic Change. 28:345–353. https://doi.org/10.1002/ jsc.2289  (ABS 2) (CNRS 4)
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Ben Lowe, and Dan Petrovici (2018), “An Empirical Comparison of Consumer Innovation Adoption Models: Implications for Subsistence Marketplaces.” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing(ABS 3) (CNRS 2)
  • Palusuk, Narissara, Bernadett Koles, and Rajibul Hasan (2018), ‘All you need is brand love: A review and conceptual framework of brand love’, Journal of Marketing Management(ABS 2) (CNRS 3)
  • Rajibul Hasan, and Ashish Kumar Jha (2018), “What’s Good for Business Growth: Implications of Innovativeness and Price Sensitivity for Firms in Developing Countries.” Strategic Change, 27, no. 5 (2018): 469-476. (ABS 2) (CNRS 4)
  • Rajibul Hasan, Ashish Kumar Jha, Yi Liu(2017), Excessive Use of Online Video Streaming Services: Impact of Recommender System Use, Psychological Factors, and Motives, Computers in Human Behavior. 80 (2018): 220-228. (ABS 3) [Impact factor (2016)435]
  • Hasan, M. R., Lowe, B. and Rahman, M. (2017) Visual Cues and Innovation Adoption among Consumers at the Bottom of the Pyramid, ForthcomingQualitative Market Research: An International Journal, DOI: 1108/QMR-04-2015-0032. (ABS 2(CNRS 4)
  • Rahman M, Hasan MR and Floyd D (2013) Brand orientation as a strategy that influences the adoption of innovation in the bottom of the pyramid market. Strategic Change. 22 (3‐4), 225– (ABS 2(CNRS 4)


  • Lowe,B., Hasan, M.R., Jose, S. (2018), A Conceptual Model of Pro-poor Innovation Adoption in the BOP and Subsistence Marketplaces In Singh R. (eds.) Bottom of Pyramid Marketing: Making, Shaping and Developing BOP Markets. Emerald Publishing.
  • Lowe,B. and Hasan, M.R. (2017), Adoption of pro-poor innovations in the context of the BOP and subsistence marketplaces: Challenges, opportunities and research agenda. In: Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Nripendra P. Rana, Emma L. Slade, Mahmud A. Shareef, Marc Clement, Antonis Simintiras and Banita Lal (eds.) Emerging Markets from a Multidisciplinary Perspective – Challenges, Opportunities and Research Agenda. Springer.

Submitted Refereed Journal articles

  • de Kervenoael, Ronan, Rajibul Hasan, and Thomas Millet. (2019). ‘Caring for the merchant: Measuring the impact on contactless payment intention, and technology acceptance engagement for the senior market’, Initial submission at Information Technology & People. (ABS 3) (CNRS 3)
  • Hasan, Rajibul and Ashish Kumar Jha. (2018). ‘Personality Traits and Online Reviews: Content Analysis of Consumers’ Review Text Characteristics in Ride sharing Platforms’, International Journal of Information Management. (ABS 2) (CNRS 3) [Revise and Resubmit]
  • Nemeh, Andre, Rajibul Hasan, and Oncu Hazir. (2018). ‘Business School Students’ Motivations and Skills Related to Intention to Perform a Project Management Job and Obtain Project Management Certification’, Initial submission at Academy of Management Learning & Education. (ABS 4) (CNRS 2)

 Newspaper Articles

Selected Conference Presentations

  • de Kervenoael, Ronan, Rajibul Hasan, and Thomas Millet. (2019). ‘Caring for the merchant: Measuring the impact on contactless payment intention, and technology acceptance engagement for the senior market . EURAM 2019 Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Professor Ben Lowe, and Dan Petrovici. (2018). Pro-poor Innovation Adoption in the BOP Market: Toward an Integrated View. 25TH IPDMC: INNOVATION AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE, Porto, Portugal.
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Professor Ben Lowe, and Dr Dan Petrovici. (2018). Toward an Integrated View of Pro-poor Innovation Adoption in the BOP Market. Academy of International Business, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Lowe, Professor Ben, Sullivan-Mort Gillian, and Rajibul Hasan. (2018). Connecting with Consumers in Subsistence Marketplaces. Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress, Porto, Portugal.
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Professor Ben Lowe, and Dr Dan Petrovici. (2017). Consumer Adoption of Innovations in the Bottom-of- the-Pyramid: Empirical Evidence from Two Services in Bangladesh. Royal Bank International Research Seminar, Montreal, Canada.
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Professor Ben Lowe, and Dr Dan Petrovici. (2017). An integrated model of pro-poor innovation adoption within the bottom-of-the-pyramid. Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress, Canterbury, New Zealand.
  • Hasan, Rajibul, Professor Ben Lowe, and Dan Petrovici. (2017). Towards an integrated theory of pro-poor innovation adoption in the BOP. EMAC 2017 Conference, Groningen, Netherlands.


Aside from his PhD research and teaching commitments, he enjoys continuous professional development through his interests in many areas and the running of his own business Borobazaar – www.borobazaar.com .

He has a strong interest in IT and a very thorough knowledge of software applications. His short instructional guide about referencing using Ms-Word was also published by Grin Publisher and produced purely for fun.

His company Borobazaar is a web-based e-commerce and social networking business, which He designed and formulated five years ago. This allows him to put into practice his marketing, finance & accounting, and business knowledge together with his interests in web designing and e-commerce.

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