Digital Marketing Consultancy in Dublin, Ireland

What is Digital Marketing?

We believe that boosting Facebook ads is not digital marketing!!

It requires understanding your consumers and using different marketing knowledge and techniques to promote your product so that they not only see your ad but also buy your products. Click here to see our services.

Many companies make mistakes by choosing digital marketing agencies that are only experts in tech without knowledge of marketing. Prof. Hasan is focusing not only on the reach and impressions of your advertisement but also on the results of converting consumers.

Professor Rajibul Hasan is a well-known digital marketing consultant who looks at the constantly changing field of digital marketing from a broad perspective. Professor Hasan promotes an in-depth comprehension of consumers’ experiences in addition to the traditional idea of just running commercials.

Professor Hasan also shares his digital marketing and artificial intelligence-related blogs at and guides practical aspects of digital marketing.

Running a successful digital campaign requires understanding marketing theories and techniques, and it also requires understanding the digital platforms well.

To offer a unique digital marketing consulting experience, Professor Hasan uses a systematic process.

Our quality-ensuring process is

Understand > Research > Plan > Execute > Results

How do we ensure this process?


Professor Hasan and his team will get information from you to understand your business so that we can adjust our marketing strategies based on your business needs.


We research to make sure that our strategies are data-driven and can ensure fruitful results for your business.


Professor Hasan uses his research skills and digital marketing knowledge to design effective digital marketing campaigns. He shares his digital marketing knowledge at based on his latest research and practices in the digital marketing industry.


Finally, your campaign gets executed based on proper marketing knowledge and digital marketing techniques.

Professor Hasan also taught Digital Marketing, E-commerce Management, and Marketing and Analytics courses at Trinity College Dublin, Maynooth University, and EM Normandie Business School. He has taught courses at different universities in the UK, Ireland, and France. Check out more about Professor Hasan’s teaching here.


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