About Dr. Rajibul Hasan

Dr Rajibul Hasan is a researcher, consultant, and Assistant Professor at Maynooth University. He has published 31 articles and 1 editorial in peer-reviewed journals within the AI, digital marketing, innovation, and consumer behavior area. He is also a programme director of MSc Digital Marketing at Maynooth University, Ireland. At Maynooth, he teaches Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Contemporary Issues in Marketing (e.g., AI in Business and Marketing, AR/VR Marketing). He is the founder of a global research and methodology platform: https://scales4research.com. He also manages an Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing Platform Website- https://upnotion.com, where he aims to disseminate digital marketing and artificial intelligence knowledge among the members of different societies. Previously, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Rennes School of Business, France. In Rennes, he was a principal investigator of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) consumer behaviour research centre. He completed his PhD at the University of Kent, UK, in the area of marketing. He specializes in understanding digital transformation, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, consumer behaviour and innovation adoption. Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Technological Forecasting, and Social Change, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Computers in Human Behavior, and Journal of Marketing Management and Strategic Change are among the academic journals in which he has published. 

Achievements & Honours:

  • Several articles have been accepted or published in the Tourism Management (rated as 4 on the ABS), Journal of Travel Research (rated as 4 on the ABS), Technological Forecasting and Social Change (rated as 3* on the ABS), Journal of Business Research (rated as 3* on the ABS), and Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (rated as 3* on the ABS).
  • Others are published in Journal of Marketing Management (rated as 2* on the ABS), Journal of Strategic Marketing (rated as 2* on the ABS), Management Decision (rated as 2* on the ABS), European Business Review (rated as 2* on the ABS), Journal of Place Management and Development Strategic Change (rated as 2*on the ABS), Computers in Human Behavior (rated as 2*on the ABS) , British Journal of Guidance and Counselling (rated as 2*on the ABS) and Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (rated as 2*on the ABS).
  • Recipient of Three years Scholarship from the University of Kent, UK in acknowledgement of exceptional academic performance and potential.
  • Supervising two funded Ph.D. Students (Maynooth University Doctoral Scholarship) at School of Business, Maynooth University.
  • Received  Seed Funding from School of Business, Maynooth University.
  • Received funding for my research projects from AI Business Area of Excellence and Agri Business Area of Excellence of Rennes School of Business.
  • Won funding for my research from the Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust , the Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust, and the Leche Trust .

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