Professor Hasan’s Digital Transformation and Marketing Consultancy

Emerging technologies and the Covid-19 pandemic have drastically altered consumer behavior, as well as their requirements and expectations. Therefore, the market has become increasingly difficult, and in order to remain competitive, businesses must comprehend these shifts and act swiftly. We assist businesses in developing their human and technological capabilities, thereby fostering their sustainable development.

Our Digital Marketing Services Consulting

Lead Generation

We generate high-quality leads with our expertly crafted and scientifically tested digital marketing strategies.

Website Building and SEO

We build you a stunning and high-performing website that engages your audience and drives digital growth for your business.

AI and Marketing Consultancy

We elevate your digital and social media presence and reach your target audience with our data-driven social media and digital marketing strategies.

Market Analysis
With the assistance of our knowledgeable market research team, we assist businesses in conducting efficient market research in order to develop new products or services. Our researchers use the most up-to-date methods and instruments to capture the insights of potential customers and assist businesses in the development of new products and services.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Every year, we train hundreds of new marketers in Digital Marketing specialization. We assist businesses in implementing successful Digital Marketing strategies. Our knowledgeable researchers assist businesses in increasing their visibility, optimizing their organic and paid search, evaluating and implementing Omni-channel strategies, etc. We also offer customized services based on the requirements of the business.

Social Media Strategy
Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, and they present numerous opportunities for businesses. We assist businesses in understanding and evaluating the various social media opportunities and implementing effective strategies for each social platform. We also offer social listening instruments.

Data Analytics Companies store a vast quantity of data. We assist businesses in analyzing and visualizing these data to generate business value.

Digital Transformation or Digitalization
Experienced in Service Digitalization, we assist businesses, particularly SMEs, in adopting digital technologies to satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers, as well as training their employees to ensure the optimal use of these technologies.

“Digital Culture” training for non-marketing personnel
Many employees lack a solid understanding of emerging technologies and their significance to the organization. This course or workshop aims to familiarize non-marketing employees with digital culture.

Our Expertise in Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Digital Transformation

Hasan’s consultancy has expertise in Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data. Some of us have prior experience as Digital Marketing Managers and Digital Project Managers. Others are prominent researchers in this field. Additionally, our team is collaborating with industry experts to propose the optimal combination of the most recent research and industry standards.

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