A new Research Article by Professor Dr Rajibul Hasan related to SIoT robots and consumer experiences in retail

Good news! I am happy to share that our research paper has been accepted in the field of Service Robotics and Internet of Things (SIoT) at the intersection of Consumer Behavior and Retail Service! 🤖🛒 Thanks to my co-authors for their wonderful contributions.

We looked into the world of SIoT in depth, thinking about service robots and using the CASA paradigm to find out what makes customers want to buy from a business again when SIoT relationships are formed in retail services.

Embedded in Computers are Social Actors (CASA) paradigm, we leverage a Partial Least Approach – Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM) (n = 356) to show that word of mouth, consumer promotion experience, relationship quality, and inspiration significantly impact consumers’ repeat purchase intention when SIoT robots are used. Noticeably, while relationship quality is significant, it has a negative coefficient indicating that consumers may have high pre-existing anxiety towards SIoT service robots.

Full article access link: SIoT robots and consumer experiences in retail: Unpacking repeat purchase intention drivers leveraging computers are social actors (CASA) paradigm – ScienceDirect

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